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Viking is Connecticut’s Home For Automotive Equipment.

Viking Equipment is the largest automotive garage equipment distributor in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Since 1989, Viking has specialized in automotive shop installations, renovations, and full garage equipment service. Viking has built over 100 automotive service centers since its founding 29 years ago. View the Viking Installation Gallery.

Built on its reputation for customer service and quality products, Viking handles the full scope of automotive shop projects, from design through installation and ongoing maintenance service. For more information, visit the Viking Capabilities Page.

Find the best prices on equipment and installation for your entire automotive service department. 

Ascent Exhaust systems

Ascent Vehicle exhaust System

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer.  Its effects build up over time.  Use the attractive and convenient Ascent Apex Rail System to remove vehicle exhaust fumes and protect your customers.  the patented vacuum holster is easy to use and saves energy costs.

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Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer

This Road Force® Elite wheel balancer detects non-balance and radial-force related problems that are often found with non-uniform tires, mounting errors, runout, and improper bead seat.The Road Force® Elite wheel balancer provides top-notch wheel balancing service and performs a Road Force® and balance faster than a traditional wheel balance. The Road Force® Elite fixes wheel vibrations that traditional wheel balancers can’t fix.

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Viking has been selling automotive garage equipment under the same ownership since I founded it 27 years ago. We are absolutely dedicated to making sure you get the right product and services for your personal needs. We take care of customers from the start to far past the finish. After just one deal with my company, you will never want to do business with anyone else.

-Joe Shomberg

Viking Equipment Owner Joe Shomberg