Hunter Tire Changers are the market leader in OEM car dealerships for their life-long reliability and unmatched safety. If your shop depends on its tire business, trust Hunter & Viking to deliver the highest quality equipment.

Viking Equipment carries the full line of these state-of-the-art tire changers, and can meet any budget. With The Revolution™, Auto34S, TC & TCX Series, tire changing becomes easy and efficient. A Hunter Tire Changer will increase productivity in your auto shop.

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Revolution Tire Changer

The Revolution™ Tire Changer uses a fully automatic process for all tire and wheel combinations, making it the most exact tire machine on the market. Prevent damage to performance rims and stiff, low profile tires.

The Revolution™ is also the easiest tire machine to use. It includes a touchscreen interface with on-board training videos.


Revolution™ Features:

  • Fully automatic operation: eliminates tire-changing experience gap.
  • Space-saving wheel lift prevents drops or mishandling.
  • Leverless tool head; hands-off technology for technician safety.
  • Powered press arms: Maximum control & prevention of rim damage.
  • “Go” pedal controls progress.

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Auto34s System

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The Hunter Auto34s tire changer can change the world’s toughest new performance tire and wheels. This leverless tire changer takes the strain out of mounting and demounting difficult wheel and tire assemblies.

Auto34s Features:

  • Easy push-button controls
  • Diameter control
  • Leverless mount head
  • Mount/demount rollers
  • Bead press arm

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TC Series

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The Hunter TC3900, TC3700 and TC3300 center clamp tire changer models allow for fast, simple clamping of popular wheel designs. Wheels clamp safely through the hub, not on the rim edge, where marring damage can occur.

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  • Leverless mount head
  • Bead press arm
  • Split bead roller system
  • Center-clamp design

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  • Bead press arm
  • Mount/demount head
  • Tilted ergonomic design
  • Center-clamp design

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  • Bead press arm
  • Floating 3-point arm
  • Tilted ergonomic design
  • Center-clamp design

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TCX57 & TCX56

The Hunter TCX57 & TCX56 include a leverless tool head and patented bead press system. Auto technicians can easily service everything from simple steel wheels to delicate, high performance wheel assemblies.

TCX57/56 Features:

  • Wheel range of 6 to 30 inches (TCX57).
  • Leverless tool head easily lifts bead.
  • Swing arm column saves time and space.
  • Patented bead press system.
  • Tabletop clamp.
  • PowerOut bead loosener.

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TCX Series

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The TCX Series (TCX53 / TCX51 / TCX50) of conventional tire changers combine traditional design with Hunter’s advanced technology.  provide superior service and reliability coupled with simple operation.

TCX Series Features:

  • Leverless configuration (TCX53 & TCX 51 only)
  • Bead press system (TCX53) or arm (TCX 51)
  • Tabletop clamp
  • Heavyweight
  • PowerOut bead loosener

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