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Viking Equipment is the market leader in providing Hunter tire changers for car dealerships and shops in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and western Massachusetts. If your shop depends on its tire business, trust Viking Equipment to deliver the highest quality Hunter Engineering equipment. Car dealers and independent shop owners choose the Hunter tire changer for their life-long reliability and unmatched safety.

Viking Equipment carries a state-of-the-art, full line of the Hunter tire changer. Our Hunter tire changer price can meet any budget and equip any shop size. With options such as the RevolutionTM, Auto34R, TC & TCX Series, and more from Hunter, tire changing becomes easy and efficient. A Hunter tire changer will increase productivity in your auto shop.


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The Revolution of Hunter Tire Changer and Price


When it comes to servicing and changing the world’s toughest tires and wheels, choose the Hunter Auto34R. This tire changing system has a 10” to 34” capability. Featuring a quick clamp, leverless polymer mount head, and mount/demount rollers, the Hunter Auto34R offers a safe process for technicians to change tires. Its three-button control makes this Hunter tire changer one of the easiest systems on the market to learn and operate.

The Hunter Revolution™ tire changer is a fully automatic Hunter tire machine that frees up more time for the operator. A manual tire changer means constant decisions and adjustments have to be made. Hunter’s revolutionary technology allows for tire service in just 2 minutes and prevents damage to rims and tires. On top of its great features and benefits, the Revolution™ is the easiest tire machine to use, with a touchscreen interface and easy to access training videos.

The TC series of Hunter tire changers offer a center clamp design to handle just about any tire changing need. Hunter’s TC series offer a fast service time with maximum protection to wheels and rims.

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Viking Equipment offers the highest quality Hunter garage equipment to dealers and independent shop owners throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Western Massachusetts. We guarantee the lowest Hunter tire changer price! Also view our related automotive shop exhaust systems. Whether you’re looking for a compact system to fit your shop’s space or a powerful, more traditional system, Viking Equipment can help you identify the Hunter tire changer price that specifically fits your needs and budget. Contact us to get the Revolution™, Auto34R, TC & TCX Hunter tire changer price today.