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When automobiles were first mass-produced and hit the road, there was no need for wheel balancers, as vehicles such as the Model T Ford only had a top speed of 40-45 mph. The average driver wouldn’t feel any imbalance as they traveled around town. However, as vehicles evolved and speed increased, wheel balancing became a necessity for the safety of the vehicles and passengers inside.

Today, wheel balancing is a crucial piece of the automotive service industry. Just about every car has some type of imbalance which causes uneven wheel rotation, resulting in hop and wobble. Traveling on the highway, even the smallest imbalance in vehicles creates an outward centrifugal force equal to that of a sledgehammer. When customers choose to have their wheels balanced, they’re minimizing the shaking and vibration within their vehicles and providing themselves with maximum control on the road.

Viking Equipment is proud to offer Hunter Wheel Balancers to diagnose and optimally solve your customers’ wheel vibration issues. With a readout in hand, technicians save time and minimize wheel-weight usage. These advanced wheel balancers also detect wheel runout and force variation. With these metrics, technicians can correct other conditions that cause wheel vibration. In short, technicians will have more success with Hunter Wheel Balancers in their shop and happy customers will leave with a perfectly smooth ride.

Wheel balances and tire rotations must be performed at regular intervals to prevent suspension wear, vibration, and irregular tire wear. OEM Dealerships and Tire & Wheel Service Shops can rely on the quality of Hunter Engineering and the low prices provided by Viking Equipment.

Viking Equipment can recommend the best choice for your shop in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and western Massachusetts. We offer the Road Force Touch®, SmartWeight®, QuickMatch® to improve productivity in auto service shops. Hunter Wheel Balancers can handle all wheel assemblies.

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Featured Product

The Road Force Elite

Hunter Road Force® Elite

In just 70 seconds, the Hunter Road Force Elite wheel balancer can detect and diagnose balance issues within a vehicle. Results are delivered almost instantly through a push report. The Hunter Road Force Elite quickly solves vibration issues with its diagnostic load roller and eliminates error operation with their patented vision technology. This not only leads to a faster wheel balancing process but an overall higher quality process as well. With proper centering, true “self-calibration”, and optimal weight placement, customers will leave 100% satisfied and you’ll drastically reduce customer comebacks.

Features on the Hunter Road Force Elite also include:

  • Road Force® measurements
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • StraightTrak® measurement eliminates pulls
  • eCal automatic calibration
  • On-Demand training videos

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Hunter Smartweight Pro Wheel Balancer

Hunter SmartWeight® PRO

The Hunter SmartWeight Pro offers a space-saving design and no-touch measurement to deliver fast, effective results through advanced technology. The intuitive interface offers live 3D graphics and Hunter’s extensive vehicle database easily displays proper mounting adaptors. Their patented HammerHead® top-dead-center laser provides higher accuracy for weight placement and avoids user errors. With more productivity and efficiency, the Hunter SmartWeight Pro makes wheel balancing faster and easier.

Features on the Hunter SmartWeight Pro also include:

  • CenteringCheck® to eliminate setup errors
  • Single-knob Navigation to simplify experience
  • eCal automatic calibration
  • SmartWeight® technology to minimize weight usage
  • On-Demand training videos


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Hunter Smartweight Elite Wheel Balancer

Hunter SmartWeight® Elite

The Hunter SmartWeight Elite Wheel Balancer features automatic functions for ultimate efficiency, including no-touch measurement, dimension entry and much more. Just mount, spin, balance, remove & that’s it!

Features on the Hunter SmartWeight Elite include:

  • Automatic Wheel Measurement
  • Automatic CenteringCheck®
  • Weight Locations Identified anywhere along the wheel
  • SmartWeight® technology to minimize weight usage
  • TPMSpecs® on-board vehicle database
  • True self-calibration with patented eCal auto-calibration

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