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What if you could automatically scan every vehicle that came into your service center, immediately identify major safety issues, and make repair suggestions to your customers to keep them safe on the road? Viking Equipment carries Hunter Engineering’s full line of automotive lane inspection systems, allowing auto shops and service centers to identify service opportunities in minutes. Hunter’s inspection lanes automatically check wheel alignment, tire inflation, battery health, tire tread depth, braking balance, and provide diagnostic codes.

There are so many benefits to choosing Hunter’s Quick Check system and Quick Tread system. First, the system eliminated operator oversight and error, ensuring a technician won’t miss something when servicing a vehicle. Second, utilizing the system shows transparency and builds credibility and trust with the customer. When you show them a diagnostic printout clearly highlighting the issues within their vehicle, you’re much more likely to increase your service sales.

Once again, Hunter’s breakthrough technology has put them at the forefront of the automotive service industry. There’s a reason why dealers and service centers across the country choose Hunter to handle their customers’ vehicles. In fact, you can often make your investment back on Hunter inspection lanes in just three months! Here are Viking Equipment, we can offer you the lowest price on your Hunter Engineering equipment. For sales and delivery in Connecticut, including Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven, and Stamford, contact us today.

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Quick Check® System

The Quick Check inspection system from Hunter Engineering provides automatic, touchless alignment audits in just under two minutes. Every car that enters your service center can be checked for issues and identify opportunities for you to improve customer retention and increase revenue. 

Hunter’s Quick Check inspection lanes identify issues with wheel alignment, tire tread depth, tire pressure, battery health, and more. All of the results can be customized and printed for the customer as well as displayed for everyone to see in the waiting area with Hunter’s patented Flightboard™ display. 

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Quick Tread® System

Hunter Quick Tread® drive-over system automatically measures the tread depth of each tire in just 10 seconds. The unit measures 280,000 data points across a two-inch segment and generates a 3-D model of the tire. This manned system offers many benefits including a durable design, automatic VIN information, stored tread depth information for each customer, and digital reports that can be customized and printed.

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