One of the most common tasks your service technicians perform each day is dispensing fluids. Viking Equipment has the equipment you need to handle oil changes, waste oil management, and wiper fluid and antifreeze distribution. We are experts at installing lubrication systems in professional automotive shops throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, and western Massachusetts.

Viking Equipment will not only oversee the entire installation process of your lubrication system, but we will also handle all of the plumbing. For fresh oil systems, we use pressure rated carbon steel pipes and for windshield/antifreeze and waste oil systems, we use pressure rated copper piping. Viking Equipment will size your pipes to your specific shop, ensuring that the entire lubrication system works perfectly from beginning to end. 

When talking about a lubrication system for your dealership or shop in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and western Massachusetts, this isn’t a time to buy off the shelf or go with a cheap generic system. Let Viking Equipment handle your entire lubrication system, from start to finish.


When installing a fresh oil system at your dealership or shop, there are several questions you need to ask yourself and factors to consider. First, will you be storing your oil in a drum or a tank? Second, how many dispense points will you need? Perhaps you’re ready to move away from bottles or bulk and look into a more efficient tank package or maybe you’re looking to update your current fresh oil system to service newer vehicle models. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or need guidance, Viking Equipment is ready to expertly install your fresh oil system from start to finish and keep your customers’ vehicles running.

One major concern for owners is shrinkage, either due to top offs or theft. You may want to look into a fluid inventory control system, otherwise known as an FIC. FICs can be installed cordless or with a wired configuration, ensuring that only the oil ordered and paid for is dispensed to your technicians. The system can work remotely from the bay or centrally from your parts desk. Another added benefit of choosing an FIC is that if a hose or fitting blows after hours, the system will have shut off the air to the pumps, which helps you avoid a massive disaster. Viking Equipment offers several options for a fluid inventory control system, which you can learn more about below in our product descriptions.


Did you know that Americans use over 18 million barrels of oil per day just to fuel their vehicles? Removing waste oil effectively and responsibly should be a top priority for dealerships and independent shops. Automotive waste oil is a hazardous substance so it’s crucial that you invest in a proper system to handle its removal safely.

There are several methods for safely and effectively removing oil. The most basic waste oil system is an inexpensive, low capacity, rolling oil drain which not only doesn’t hold much oil but also calls for techs to lift and pour the waste. You can easily find yourself with a slippery mess on your hands as well as an extremely dirty work area. One solution is to pair a diaphragm pump with the oil drain, as the hose will suck the waste oil up and into the tank instead of manually lifting and carrying to dispose of it.

One of the most popular and effective waste oil systems is the Graco Oil King. Its 25-gallon tank is intended for high volume use. The biggest advantage of the Graco Oil King is that you can work for a much longer period of time before needing to empty the tank. The Graco Oil King is also made of plastic, which avoids damaging vehicles, and its oversized wheels make it extremely easy to maneuver. Your tank will be protected from debris as well thanks to a removable filter screen. 

When you choose Viking Equipment to design and install your waste oil system, you never have to worry about disaster striking when your tank is full. We always install a shutoff at the tank, shutting off both your air and fluid, and you can even choose to have an LED light alert you when your tank is full.


Beyond oil, there are several fluids you want to check in your vehicles to ensure they’re running safely. Among the most important are windshield wiper fluid and antifreeze with power steering fluid, coolant, and brake fluid also on the list. Windshield fluid/antifreeze systems use diaphragm pumps instead of piston pumps as well as plastic tanks instead of steel to prevent corrosion. One of the biggest things to keep in mind with these systems is that the handles are unmetered and there’s no “right” amount of fluid to use every time. Technicians just need to fill to the line and dispense into vehicles. However, the right fluid dispense system can ensure that this happens safely and with as little fluid loss as possible.

Viking Equipment recommends the AODD system from Balcrank for your wiper fluid and antifreeze delivery needs. Not only will this reliable system always turn on when you need it, but it offers reduced air consumption per gallon pumped, leading to lower energy costs and avoiding the need for a larger compressor. Balcrank has improved on the original diaphragm pumps used for fluid distribution with their patented technology, CenterFlo pumps. Their reversed air/fluid design leads to a significant improvement in both suction and performance. As an added benefit, this compact system can fit in smaller spaces within your shop.



The Digital Register (DR) Meter from Balcrank updates the proven technology of oval gear flow meters with new features. With no field calibration required, the meters are individually tested to ensure precise fluid dispensing. The system is designed to prevent accident fluid dispense, protecting you from loss. The total fluid flow is shown and the display will not be affected by low or dead batteries. Speaking of batteries, Balcrank’s DR meter features improved battery life and a sealed battery compartment. The meter’s lightweight handle is ergonomically designed for precision and comfort.


The heavy duty oil bar from Balcrank offers up to four dispense points for service technicians. Its metal body features a drain with a steel screen and 1/2” NPT hose connection. When ordering, one spigot is already included and up to three more can be ordered per oil bar.


Viking Equipment proudly offers several pump options from Balcrank including the Panther HP 3:1 and Panther HP 5:1. Panther pumps from Balcrank provide simultaneous dispense points, up to five, or the ability to pump distances of up to 500 feet. A built-in muffler results in a quieter operation system. Balcrank’s double acting pumps offer consistent fluid delivery and their mechanical air valves prevent stalling, ensuring that your system will always run consistently and efficiently.


Balcrank’s patented CenterFlo washer dispense pumps lead to improved performance with less air consumption, saving you both time and energy. Its lube-free directional pivot air valve means it will start up every time you need it. Balcrank’s washer dispense provides you with maximum measurement accuracy and less splashing while dispensing which protects you from product loss. Thanks to its compact you design, you can even fit this pump in small spaces within your shop.


Safely remove fluids and transfer them to a bulk storage tank with the Graco Oil King. Made right here in the USA, Graco’s premium duty drains are constructed with oversized rubber wheels for sturdy and safe fluid transfer. With a 25 gallon capacity, the drainage bowl is tip-resistant and will safely guide fluid into the tank as well as prevent debris from entering.


Balcrank’s sentinel control system will help your dealership or shop prevent fluid theft and loss through automation and a system of checks and balances. A built-in timer will shut off air to the pumps in your service area based on a predetermined time and a mastery key is needed to turn the system on. The small console can fit in tight areas within your service management area and is an ideal choice for those to improve their current FIC system. Maintain total control over how much fluid is dispensed in your shop with a sentinel console from Balcrank.

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