Automotive Lift Inspections

What Makes Viking Lift Inspections Different?

Viking has a service first mentality. We have 2-3 service technicians per salesman and focus on training and have in-stock OEM parts. Here are some other ways we bring value to the inspection process:

  1. Viking uses an exclusive tablet-based software and stores all images and information gathered during inspection*.
  2. Our inspections include cable adjustment and lag re-torque if necessary.
  3. You will receive documentation to prove your lifts were inspected per OSHA standards.
  4. Before we leave your site, you will be provided a list of any critical repair items that need immediate action.
  5. Shortly after your inspection we’ll send you a comprehensive estimate to return all lifts to their proper operating condition.
  6. We stock OEM parts and if an inspection leads to a priority repair, we’re ready to help!

*Viking’s custom designed software will store photos and information on all your lift inspections for a year on a secure 3rd party server.

What Makes Viking Lift Inspections Different?

Viking has built a Lift Maintenance Program specifically tailored to car dealerships to focus on reducing operating costs by minimizing downtime and increasing reliability.

STEP ONE: Schedule Annual Lift Inspections with Viking.
When done right, annual lift are more than just a legal requirement. They can be a powerful cost saving tool as well. In addition to meeting ALI, States, and OSHA requirements, Viking’s lift Inspections prevent downtime and reduce long-term repair costs.
Viking maintains a schedule for hundreds or repair facilities and will provide automatic inspection scheduling reminders before your inspections are due.

STEP TWO: Preform Required Maintenance at Minimal Cost
We will use OEM parts to bring your lifts back up to proper operating conditions.
Emergency service is expensive. In addition to the costs of a diagnosis, parts, and repair, having a non-operational bay could cost your facility thousands per day in lost profits from service.
Smoothly working equipment saves time. Every minor issue requires time to work around. Across every bay in your facility, across every lift, every day, wasted time adds up and costs your shop money. Viking can identify and resolve issues you might not even be aware of yet.

STEP THREE: Receive Priority Service Year Round
Viking stands behind our Lift Inspection Program. Facilities enrolled in our program receive the highest priority service available.
All inspected facilities are added into our Lift Service Database which includes lift model, serial numbers, images, and repair history. Just tell us the bay and the issue and we can handle the rest through our Lift Services Process.

ALI Certified Lift Inspectors

Viking Equipment is committed to being the best at what we do.  We are an Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Certified Lift Inspection Provider.  We have highly trained and experienced technicians that provide detailed inspections and help you maintain your equipment to OSHA and ANSI standards.  Experience matters when it comes to inspecting garage equipment that is pushed to the limits daily.  You should always verify that your inspectors have the training and experience needed to protect your business’s operations, employees, and profitability.

A Commitment to Employee Safety and Operational Efficiency

Employee Safety
Annual automotive lift inspections by a qualified inspector are required by OSHA. Neglecting your inspections can result in significant fines for non-compliance. In worst-case scenarios not inspecting your lifts annually can lead to unexpected malfunctions and potential operator injuries. Keep your employees safe and your shop running smoothly with a firm commitment to this annual task.

Maximize Profits & Minimize Costly Downtime
A shops efficiency depends on the proper function of all its equipment. Large shops with several technicians need reliable lifts for most jobs. Downtime can be extremely costly and result in losses in daily revenue. Inspections help reveal potential problems and identify potential equipment failures or excessively worn parts that need lubrication, adjustments, or replacement. Getting your car lift inspections completed by ALI certified lift inspectors can help you identify potential problems early and encourage preventative maintenance. Addressing issues before equipment breaks down saves time and money.

Choosing the Right Vehicle Lift

Starting out with a quality lift is the best way to breeze through your lift inspections. ALI provides a comprehensive list of car lifts that are manufactured to meet the current safety and operational standards. Viking equipment sells, installs, and services several certified lifts used primarily for vehicle service operations like car dealerships.

Here is a list of some of the certified lifts we install:

Hunter Engineering produces high quality reliable and extremely durable alignment lifts. The RX SERIES has a variety of sizes from 10,000lb to 16,000lb capacity. These Scissor lifts have 24inch to 26 inch extra wide runways and 6,000lb to 9,000lb capacity swing air jacks.

The Forward I10 Two Post Lift had a 10,000lb capacity and features a 3-stage front arm design which enables you to position doors in the front or behind the columns to avoid door damage.
The F12 Two Post Lift can handle 12,000lb vehicles and have a 72.5inch to 77.5 inch Rise. It’s a nice safe unit with a padded overhead height limit switch bar, an overhead cable equalization, and a single point lock release.

The Rotary SPOA10 is the original and best asymmetric loading 10,000lb capacity 2-post lift. It’s ALI Gold Certified and has a 30 degree rotated column design and adapters and a Shockwave DC power system are available.

These are just some examples of the many top brand vehicle lifts Viking can install, service, and inspects. The right ALI certified Lift inspector can make a positive impact on the efficiency of your shop’s operation and make sure you experience minimal equipment breakdowns.

Vehicle Lift Inspection Service Area

Viking Equipment has the qualified lift inspectors you need to keep up with the national standards. We service the Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Western Massachusetts markets.  Call us today to schedule your next lift inspection or to sign up for our Lift Maintenance Program.

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