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The HUNTER Road Force Elite wheel balancer is the most advanced balancer available to purchase. It detects non-balance and radial-force related problems that are often found with non-uniform tires, mounting errors, runout, and improper bead seat.The Road Force® Elite wheel balancer provides top-notch wheel balancing service and performs a Road Force® and balance faster than a traditional wheel balance. The Road Force® Elite fixes wheel vibrations that traditional wheel balancers can’t fix.

Viking ALWAYS has the lowest prices on Hunter Road Force Elite Wheel Balancers

Road Force® Elite Features:

  • Up to 50% faster performance than older generation models.
  • SmartWeight optimized for more wheel balance solutions.
  • “New car ride” in under two minutes.
  • Self-calibrating machine with no technician input.
  • Patented StraightTrak system performs lateral force measurements.

Popular Equipment Upgrades:

HammerHead Top-Dead-Center Laser

  • Improves wight placement accuracy.
  • Allows single-spin balances (increases technician’s productivity)
  • Illuminating fluorescent light.

Wheel Lift

  • Enables technician to safely service heavy or over-sized wheels.
  • Precisely centers all wheels.

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