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We have factory-authorized installation and service on Rotary lifts. Viking Equipment is the largest Rotary distributor, installer, and service provider. Find the lowest Rotary lift prices in CT, RI, and MA. Rotary 2 post lift and 4 post lifts in stock. For extensive details on Rotary lifts, Rotary offers a lift buying guide available for download. We are proud to offer Rotary’s legendary smart lift design with features and serviceability you won’t find anywhere else! 10,000 lbs. and 12,000 lbs. capacities are currently available.

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VIKING EQUIPMENT is an ALI Certified Lift Inspector.


Why You Need Rotary 2 Post Lift


Here’s an overview of the Rotary 2 post lift. We have Rotary SPOA10 available for Shipping and installation. The original and best asymmetric loading 10,000 lb. capacity 2-post lift plus we have a Shockwave DC power system available for it. It is ALI Gold Certified for automotive lift inspections. In tow is the SPO12 Rotary 2 post lift, a 12,000lb above-ground Symmetrical Lift. It comes with a single-phase, 2 HP Power Unit. Then there’s the one two-post symmetric lift to rule them all! With the SPO20 with a 20,000 lb. capacity and industry-leading versatility, you can take on more and never turn away profitable service work.

These Rotary lifts give unparalleled accessibility when working under a raised vehicle. Either Rotary 2 post lift can come with truck adapters that have stackable inserts and are available in alternate height configurations. Alternatives to these Rotary lifts that we also offer are Forward lifts. You may also opt to complement our Rotary lift for sale with our flexible automotive shop exhaust systems for a safe and healthy workspace.

Rotary SPOA10

Plus Shipping & Installation

The original and best asymmetric loading 10,000 lb. capacity 2-post lift.


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  • 30 degree rotated column design.
  • ALI Gold Certified
  • Adapters available.
  • Shockwave DC power system available.


Auto service shop ROTARY SPO12 lift

SPO12 Two Post Lift

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  • 12,000lb. 2 Post, Above-Ground Symmetrical Lift
  • 13’-8” overall height and 11’-5 5/8” overall width.
  • Truck adapters with stackable inserts for added reach.
  • Standard front and rear three stage arms.
  • 208 volt, 1 phase, 2 HP Power Unit.
  • Available in alternate height configurations.


Buy ROTARY SPOA10 car lift in CT

Smart lifts SL210 & Sl212


Viking Equipment is proud to offer Rotary’s Legendary Smart Lift Design With Features & Servicibility You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

10,000 lbs & 12,000 lbs capacities available.

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Smart Lift Features:

  • Low profile TRIO arms for ease of entry in and out of the bay
  • Fully enclosed in an environmentally friendly polymer containment
  • Smartguard® plungers for years of trouble free operation
  • ALI Gold Certified (SL210X)
Rotary SPO20 - Lift


One Two Post Symmetric Lift to Rule Them All!

  • Combining high capacity lifting with a low-profile stance.
  • With a 20,000 lb capacity and industry-leading versatility you can take on more and never turn away profitable service work.
  • This lift has the Rotary Trio arm design so techs can easily position adapters with impressive reach capabilities.
  • 110-Volt DC Power and the best lifting speed in its class when ordered with Shockwave™.
  • ALI Gold Certified (SPO20X)


Two Post Symmetric Lift with 16,000 lb Capacity

  • Capable of picking up class 1 through class 5 vehicles.
  • Patented Trio™ arms with greater reach and easy-to-position adapters.
  • Available with Shockwave™ technology which provides surprising lift speed along with accurate spotting via laser guidance.
  • Air operated Lock Release
  • ALI Gold Certified (SPO16X)
Rotary LT33A Table Lift


Leads the industry with:

Patent Pending – Ultimate Positioning Flexibility & Ease of Use

  • Multi-directional casters with rotational and wheel locks at all four corners
  • Side-to-side slide platform adjustment for easy positioning
  • Front-to-rear tilt platform adjustment to orient to inclination
  • Easy to access and operate air operation

Future Proof Capacity & Capability

  • 3,300-pound capacity
  • Accommodates EV batteries, engines & transmissions
  • Split sliding top to increase length 8 inches
  • 10 mm tapped fixturing holes on the top surface

The Most Trusted Lift Table made by the manufacturer of the Most Trusted Lifts

  • Air released mechanical Locks
  • Conforms to PASE standard for mobile shop equipment
  • Increased stability with single section scissor
Buy ROTARY SM014 auto service 4 post lift

Rotary SMO14

14,000 lb. capacity general service 4-post lift. Model SM14 also available.

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Standard Features:

  • 1/2” steel cable for greater lifting capacity
  • Adjustable latch bar ensures the runways are level when resting on the latch bar at any of the multiple locking positions.
  • Movable and replaceable rolling jack stops are made of “conveyor belt strength” rubber, giving the technician full flexibility to limit the travel of 1 or 2 jacks.
  • Filter / lubricator / regulator for clean, lubricated air which will extend the life of your lift and air powered tools.
  • Automatic ramp chocks engage when the lift is raised. Clearance holes allow the ramp chocks to clear runway bolts with less noise on vehicle approach.
Buy ROTARY SM014 auto service 4 post lift

Rotary SM18

18,000 lb capacity 4-post lift

Offers The Versatility You Need To Service Light and Medium Duty Commercial Vehicles With Ease!

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  • Cylinder located under the runway
  • Dual function Sentinel Lock™ System
  • Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator
  • Adjustable latch bars
  • Single piece non-welded runway with tracks for rolling jacks
  • ALI Gold Certified (SM18LO-X)
Rotary RLP77 - Scissor Lift


Low Profile Double Section Scissor Lift

  • 7,700 lb Capacity
  • This low-profile design is great for shops with space limitations.
  • Synchrodrive Equalization system keeps the platform equalized while you lift and lower vehicles, unlike competitive designs.
  • Integrated folding ramps with diamond plate powder-coated platforms.
  • High-strength steel construction with intuitive controls and flush and surface mount options.
  • ALI Gold Certified
Rotary VLXS10 - Low Rise Lift


Low Rise Lift

  • 10,000 lb Capacity
  • Low Rise Lift allowing easy tire and brake work for a wide variety of vehicles.
  • Wide drive-over ramps and side rails support wider vehicles on approach.
  • Dual lifting cylinders and heat-resistant pads.
  • Three-position adapters and (4) 1 ½” rubber blocks.
  • ALI Gold Certified (VLXS10000)
Rotary SM14 - Four Post Lift


Four Post Closed Front Drive On Lift

  • 14,000 lb Capacity with 20 Inch single-piece runways for maximum strength.
  • Powder Coated Hammer Tone paint finish and louvered ramps for added durability and traction.
  • Adjustable latch bars keep the runways level in any locked position.
  • Cylinders are under the runways, protected from corrosion and potential work-related damage.
  • Polymer rollers provide quieter operation and help protect your shop floor.
  • ALI Gold Certified

All prices do not include Shipping & Installation and are subject to change. Lifts may be pictured with accessories not included in the advertised price.


Find a Rotary Lift for Sale


If you’re looking for a Rotary lift for sale for your automotive business or your motor hobby, we have them ready for delivery and installation. Not only do we offer competitive rotary lift prices, but reasonable subsequent inspection fees to ensure the garage meets the highest safety and performance standards. We prioritize your safety and satisfaction above all else, and our commitment to quality is evident in every Rotary lift for sale. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect Rotary lifts for your needs. When you order our Rotary lift for sale, you’re choosing excellence, reliability, and the best prices in Connecticut. If you have any questions about our Rotary lift prices or services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Did you Know?

Rotary offers a lift buying guide available for download.

Download Rotary Lift Buying Guide


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