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Brake lathes trim the surface of automotive brake rotors. The brake rotor is what the brake caliper squeezes against to slow the car when the brake pedal is pressed. A warped break rotor will cause vibrations or feelings of pulsating in the steering wheel. It will also decrease the car’s ability to brake efficiently.

Hunter Engineering brake lathes and heavy-duty brake lathes bring precision and accuracy to refinishing rotors. The Hunter QuickComp® and BL500 series brake lathes increase accuracy and productivity while lowering setup error.

Viking Equipment is proud to sell these quality products to local auto shops in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Western Massachusetts.

Hunter Brake Lathe for sale in CT

QuickComp Hub-Mounted Rotor Brake Lathes

Featuring Pro-Comp® compensation and a pivoting control module, Hunter’s QuickComp® brake lathe keeps your brake service better than the competition. The Hunter QuickComp® Brake Lathe is considere the fastest and most powerful lathe in the industry.

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The QuickComp® features:

  • Reverse rotation
  • Variable-speed drive system
  • Anti-Chatter Technology (ACT) to prevent buildup of vibration (chatter)
  • QuickComp® adaptor
Hunter brake lathes in stamford connecticut

BL500 Series Brake Lathes

BL500 Series Brake Lathes serve a wide range of vehicle applications and bring speed, precision and versatility to any auto shop or service center.

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The BL500 Series Brake Lathes include:

  • Disc/Drum control lockout
  • Digi-Cal Option
  • Adjustable spindle speeds
  • Choice of lathe tooling


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