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Proper brake service is crucial to keeping drivers safe on the roads. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 22% of car accidents each year are due to faulty brakes. Brake shudder and pedal pulsations are caused by thickness variations in the brake rotors, which naturally develop over time. As material around the brakes is worn away, an uneven braking surface is created and could take days or even weeks to notice. A warped brake rotor will decrease the car’s ability to brake efficiently and by the time a driver realizes they have a brake issue, it could be too late.

Brake lathes are the best way to service brakes in your dealership or shop. Brake lathes trim the surface of automotive brake rotors. The brake rotor is what the brake caliper squeezes against to slow the car when the brake pedal is pressed. Hunter Engineering brake lathes and heavy-duty brake lathes bring precision and accuracy to refinishing rotors. The Hunter AutoComp Elite and BL Series brake lathes increase accuracy and productivity while lowering setup error.

Viking Equipment is proud to sell these high-quality products at the lowest prices to local dealerships and auto shops throughout Connecticut and parts of Rhode Island.

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Hunter AutoComp Elite On-Car Brake Lathes

For a smoother, more professional cut, trust in the Hunter’s AutoComp Elite On-Car Brake Lathe. The system features an intuitive touch screen with an extensive vehicle database and support for multiple languages. Its ergonomic trolley includes convenient, versatile controls that are easy to read. The BitMinder feature will also help you track cutting bit usage and minimize your spending. 

Hunter’s AutoComp Elite On-Car Brake Lathe offers automatic compensation and variable speed resurfacing, increasing both speed and accuracy for technicians. Their patented AntiChatter technology provides a smooth finish and eliminates the need for silencer bands. The AutoComp Elite can service all types of vehicles, from compact cars to heavy duty trucks.

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Hunter BL Series Brake Lathes

Hunter Engineering’s BL Series Brake Lathes have the same industry-leading design you’ve come to know and trust but they’ve updated their system with some new features. This combination bench lathe allows technicians to quickly switch from rotors to drums and vice versa with both speed and ease. Hunter Engineering’s BL Series Brake Lathes feature adjustable spin speeds and feed rates.

An optional DigiCal easily displays rotor thickness and maintains calibration. Hunter’s AntiChatter technology can also be added to create a better surface finish and eliminate chatter bands.

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