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Lowest Prices on Robinair AC machines

Viking Equipment is the key to keeping the cars you service cool all year long with the highest quality and most affordable Robinair air conditioning service systems. We can help install a brand new system in your dealership or shop or help you update your current system. 

Due to its toxic, harmful nature, freon is a thing of the past. In the mid 1990s, a new refrigerant, known as R134a, was developed and implemented into all new vehicles. At the time and with little notice, automotive service shops had to scramble for new machines to adjust to be able to service the current models. However, by the 2000s, it was found that R134a was contributing too highly to global warming and so, R1234YF was introduced.

R1234YF, the new and improved version of tetrafluoroethane, has a minimal impact on the environment. As of 2020, car dealerships and independent shops are expected to be equipped with systems that can service newer vehicles that use R1234YF as well as older models. Viking Equipment can set up your dealership or shop with a compatible air conditioning machine to ensure your service never slows down.

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ROBINAIR AC1234-9, AC1234-6, AND AC1234-4

Buy Auto Air Conditioning systems in norwalk, stamford and harford ct
Buy Auto Air Conditioning systems in norwalk, stamford and harford ct

For Viking Equipment, Robinair is the trusted air conditioning manufacturer to outfit dealerships and independent shops in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and western Massachusetts. Robinair has been offering the highest quality A/C products for more than 60 years. Viking Equipment can offer you several model options such as the AC1234-6, AC1234-4, and the brand new AC1234-9 at the lowest possible prices.

The AC1234-9 is the latest model in the Robair family of air condition products for vehicles. Beyond its fully automatic operation, the AC1234-9 also features a 10” high resolution touch screen, making navigation easier and faster than ever before. Its integrated WiFi and Bluetooth technology also makes it one of the most advanced models on the market today.
Both the AC1234-6 and AC1234-4 also offer automatic operation, allowing the service tech to walk away until the job is complete. The major difference between the two is that the AC1234-6 includes a printer, which is great for dealerships and body shops, while the AC1234-4 can save you money by forgoing a printer and is more ideal for general repair shops.

Other features on these Robinair models include:

  • Programmable vacuum
  • System leak test
  • Pinpoint accuracy within +/- ½ oz.
  • Automatic oil drain shows, air purge, and internal tank refill
  • Integrated refrigerant identifier (meets SAE J2927)
  • Liquid refrigerant flushing


ROBINAIR 34788NI & 34788NIH

 Cool-Tech 34788 Air Conditioning systems in Connecticut

Viking Equipment also offers the 34788NI and, for servicing hybrid vehicles, the 34788NIH. These fully automatic bestsellers recover, vacuum, leak test, and recharge R-134a with over 98% efficiency. Built-in alarms also let the tech know when the service is complete or if an issue has arisen. Robinair’s systems are designed to make the most of your time, provide you with a wealth of information about the vehicles you’re servicing, and look for problems before they happen.

Both the 34788NI and the 34788NIH offer customization options as well, from the ability to add on a printer to a module that allows for wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. They also feature:

  • Automatic oil drain and oil inject
  • Vacuum leak test and programmable vacuum feature
  • Automatic air purge and refrigerant refill
  • Refrigerant charging and management system

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Robinair 34288

Buy the Cool-Tech 34288 in Connecticut

If you’re looking for simple operation with a high level of accuracy, Viking Equipment recommends the Robinair 34288. This automatic system offers 95% refrigerant recovery and charging to +/- 1/2 oz. Just like with the other Robinair models, the 34288 features refrigerant charging, air purge, vacuum function, and refrigeration management all on an easy to read display.

If you’re not sure which system is right for you and your dealership or shop, we’re here to help point you in the right direction. Here at Viking Equipment, we guarantee that you’ll find the lowest prices on any Robinair air conditioning system to fit your needs and we’ll be with you every step of the way, from conceptualization to the finished, installed product.

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