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Viking Equipment’s crew of highly trained and experienced automotive lift technicians respond to emergencies and routine service calls across CT, RI, and western MA.     Viking is an ALI-Certified Lift Inspector. Request a Service Appointment.


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Suitable for most automotive shop day-to-day business. Viking has the lowest prices on the the most reliable lifts. Call or Quote Online.


Comparison Chart

Viking Equipment NAPA/Car Quest Car Company Program Internet
Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Member NO NO NO
Lifts in Stock Usually NO NO NO
Receive Lift for You NO NO NO
Site Visit by Factory Certified Tech if Necessary NO NO NO
In-house CAD Layout NO Large Jobs Only NO
Extra 1 yr Part Warranty (Rotary only) NO NO NO
Factory Trained Installer on Staff NO NO NO
Subcontracted Install NO
Service by Factory Trained Tech NO NO NO
Parts in Stock NO NO NO

Rotary SPOA10

Rotary SL210

Forward I10

Forward BP9

9,000lb cap.


12,000lb capacity 2-post lifts in stock. For alignment service, get the right alignment rack to increase safety and productivity.

Hunter RX Series

10,000lb – 16,000lb capacities

Rotary SPO12

Forward F12

Forward DP-15


Viking can supply lifts for the heaviest vehicles on the road. Truck mechanics trust PKS. Request a Heavy-Duty Lift Quote.

Hunter 4-post


PKS 4-Post

12,000lb – 18,000lb capacity

Rotary SM Series

14,000lb & 18,000lb capacities.