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Viking Equipment can design, install, inspect, and service your exhaust system in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and western Massachusetts. We will work with your dealership or shop to determine the ideal exhaust system for your space and budget. We can supply inground exhaust systems, above ground exhaust systems, rail exhaust systems, portable exhaust systems, and even hoses and door ports. Viking Equipment offers exhaust systems from experienced and trusted manufacturers including Ascent Systems, Harvey Exhaust, and Eurovent.


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With 15 years in business, Ascent Systems is a family owned company that has quickly established themselves as the go-to company for high quality, high performance exhaust systems. Their patented Vacuum Holster™ is both flexible and easy to use and lowers your annual energy costs by preventing heated and cooled air loss. Ascent Systems also prioritizes minimal damage to vehicles, protecting both the technician and the consumer. Viking Equipment can outfit your dealership or shop of any size with the perfect exhaust system from Ascent Systems.


The Apex Rail allows the Vacuum Holster™ to be suspended from a sliding trolley that can be moved across the entire length of the trolly. For service techs, this means that fewer holsters are needed in the service area leaving you with a clean, organized, and professional appearance.

Weight: 7 lbs/lineal foot


Ascent’s Vacuum Holsters™ move with ease along the length of the aluminum rail and feature an optional on/off remote. Viking Equipment can adjust the number of trolleys installed, based on dealership or shop needs as well as local code requirements. Custom colors are available upon request to match the design of your shop and/or brand colors.

Weight: 35 lbs, trolley only; Vacuum Holster™ is typically 25 lbs

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Ascent Systems Vacuum Holster

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The Ascent Vacuum Holster uses the negative pressure of the exhaust fan to assist in hose retraction.

Much easier to stow than a telescopic drop system.

Better air flow and a lower price than a reel system.



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Viking Equipment can inspect, service, design, and install in-ground exhaust systems from Harvey Exhaust. In-ground exhaust systems are a cost-effective option for dealers and independent shops in CT, RI, and western MA. With nothing hanging from the ceiling, you’re left with an extremely clean look in your service area. When it comes to removing harmful fumes and gases, choose the manufacturer with nearly 75 years of experience. If you’re interested in an in-ground exhaust system, contact Viking Equipment to discuss installing Harvey products in your shop.

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EuroVent offers effective exhaust removal for automotive and heavy-duty vehicle service needs. Viking Equipment can help you choose a EuroVent exhaust system to fit any dealership or shop with as many ventilation crabs as you need to handle your service volume. When not in use, the crabs can slide out of the way, allowing for more efficient use of your space. EuroVent’s systems are extremely energy efficient with fewer outlets required in order to operate and options to include a smaller exhaust fan.

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For dealerships and shops in need of a portable exhaust system, Viking Equipment has got you covered with the RTI EV-1. It is not only easily portable, but its height can also be adjusted to service a variety of vehicle makes and models. The RTI EV-1 promises a healthy and safe work environment for technicians with its positive pressure ventilation.

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