Viking is THE Exhaust Systems expert in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island


Viking can design, install, inspect, and service your exhaust system

We will work with you to determine the ideal exhaust system for your shop.

We can supply inground exhaust systems, above ground exhaust systems , rail exhaust systems, portable exhaust systems, and even hoses and door ports.

Whatever your budget, we can suggest the best solution

Ascent Systems Apex Rail

auto shop exhaust rail systems

The ultimate in form and function

Apex Rail Assembly:

  • extruded aluminum rails
  • Provides professional appearance in the service area
  • Weight: 7 lbs/lineal foot

Trolley Assembly:

  • Moves with ease along the length of the aluminum rail
  • Custom colors available upon request
  • The quantity of trolleys can vary, based on owner input and/or local code requirements
  • include energy saving dampers
  • Optional remote on/off
  • Weight: 35 lbs, trolley only; Vacuum Holster is typically 25 lbs.


Harvey In-ground Exhaust

auto shop garage exhaust systems for sale in CT

We can inspect, service design and install in-ground exhaust systems from Harvey Exhaust.  When you want the clean look of nothing hanging from the ceiling, this is the choice for you.

Ascent Systems Vacuum Holster

auto shop exhaust fans

The Ascent Vacuum Holster uses the negative pressure of the exhaust fan to assist in hose retraction.

Much easier to stow than a telescopic drop system.

Better air flow and a lower price than a reel system.



eurovent exhaust system for auto service shops in CT
auto shop garage exhaust system norwalk ct
buy euro style auto shop exhaust system in CT

The Euro-style state-of-the-art system for efficiently removing toxic exhaust fumes from auto repair facilities and dealership service departments.

Flexible…because the system can be easily sized to fit any shop and easily changes at a later time to increase or decrease shop coverage. Ventilation crabs can be added as needed to handle additional volume
Efficient…because of the trolley system design. Fewer outlets are required to cover all of the service bays. When not in use, the sliding crabs can be pushed out of the way. And with fewer drops, a smaller exhaust fan can be used, saving cost and energy consumption.

RTI EV-1 Portable Exhaust

buy portable exhaust system for auto shops in connecticut

A portable exhaust system.

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