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  • new automotive equipment sales & installations,
  • shop overhauls,
  • full service on all garage equipment.

Since 1989, Viking has built and maintained safe and productive dealerships and automotive garages in CT, RI, and western MA.

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Viking has lifts in stock, for sale at the lowest prices. Shop Lift Sale

“Joe, Russ and Jesse were great installing all my new Rotary lifts, Balcrank oil equipment, pumps, and tanks. They piped the whole shop for air and connected it the new Compressor. They laid out the parts department with new shelving and draw parts storage system solutions that made a great use of space. Our Overhead Rail exhaust system is really nice. Reynolds Subaru’s new shop came out great! I would highly recommend them! Thank you for all your hard work and the fair pricing too.”


Hayden Reynolds Google Review, March 2018


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Equipment Maintenance & Emergency Service

Viking has a fully stocked warehouse with new and replacement parts for everything in the garage. Viking always responds urgently to its customers needs and can work on most major makes and models of automotive garage equipment. Request Service


Building SHops from Scratch

CAD Drawings to Finished Construction

Viking has 27 years experience building new dealerships. Discover the power of having the whole shop project under one roof. Viking’s in-house CAD capability has dramatically improved the final product for many customers. By combining the real-world lessons of building garages with the ability to design custom layouts with detailed precision, Viking’s results will be exactly the right solution for you. View our Work

CAD Case Study #1

The client wanted to create an indoor customer car drop off, potentially clogging the one-way entrance to the garage. To maneuver the cars, mechanics would either have to reverse into the shop (in order to make the turn on to the lift) or wait for the customer drive-thru area to clear.


Using CAD, Viking redesigned the shop layout. Moving the tool boxes and benches from the front to the sides of each bay created 30″ of depth in front of each lift. With two rows of lifts, this adjustment effectively made the shop 5′ wider, and the additional width allowed the lifts to be accessed from either entrance of the shop with one smooth turn.

CAD Case Study #2

This is the Architect’s original plan. The bays appear to be adequately spaced and the alignment rack (left corner) seems to be a tight fit but manageable.

However, by visualizing the actual wheelbases for the dealer’s brand vehicles, a CAD scale drawing determined that the lift layout was too tight and would require a multi-point turn to make any lift. As for the alignment rack, Viking’s drawing revealed that the architect had rendered the rack too small and it would not fit as positioned in the original drawing.


Above shows the Viking drawing with angled lift layout, taking into account the correct turning radius for all the dealer’s vehicles. Every car or truck can now make any lift in a single turn, and the alignment rack was moved.

Your Shop, Delivered

We know that new construction jobs can be delayed. We will take delivery of equipment on your behalf. We will check it in. We will hold it for you until you are ready for it. We will deliver it to you. Other sources may require you to receive and stage your own equipment which can be a major hassle. We provide equipment to auto shops throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Lowest Prices.

Viking will always deliver the best prices. In most cases our prices are simply lower than anyone else’s. In rare cases there is a better price available through your dealer program. We will compare this and if it’s better for you, we will guide you through the program. You will still get Viking’s knowledge, service, and support and you will pay the lowest price.

Immediate Service

  • 6 service trucks
  • Multiple factory trained service technicians
  • Large inventory of new and used parts
  • Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Inspections Certified
  • Rotary Authorized Installer (RAI)
  • Forward Authorized Service Technician (FAST)
  • Authorized Repair Center for Balcrank Lubrication

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