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Viking Equipment carries Hunter’s full line of heavy-duty vehicle equipment that includes alignment systems, wheel balancers, tire changers, lift racks and brake testers. If you have a truck fleet or frequently service heavy-duty vehicles, then Hunter heavy-duty equipment may be for you. For more information on sales and delivery of heavy-duty equipment to your shop in Connecticut, contact us today.

Hunter Truck alignment

WinAlign® HD

WinAlign® HD alignment system for heavy duty vehicles quickly provides accurate, 3-axle wheel alignment readings in just 4 minutes.

WinAlign® HD includes:

  • Fully integrated alignment
  • Self-centering adaptors
  • Rolling Compensation
  • Six sensors
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RKHD Heavy-Duty Power Rack

RKHD heavy-duty drive-on power rack is perfect for the general service and alignments of heavy-duty vehicles.

Some of the features of RKHD include:

  • Pop-up ramps
  • 33 in. super-wide runways
  • Non-skid surface and 8° approach angle
  • Two-hand lift controls increase safety
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ForceMatch® HD

ForceMatch® HD wheel balancers allows easy balancing of heavy-duty truck and bus tires and optimizes rolling uniformity of heavy-duty assemblies. Features of ForceMatch® HD include:

  • CenteringCheck® eliminates setup errors
  • SmartWeight® technology saves money on correction weights
  • Dataset® arms
  • HD load roller
  • HD wheel lift
  • Flexibility to balance any size wheel

Heavy Duty tire changers also available.

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B400T System

B400T systems are perfect for testing brakes on heavy-duty vehicles.

The B400T increases efficiency by providing:

  • Service brake results
  • Static weight results
  • Results in 60 seconds or less
  • Graphic brake balance results
  • Report conclusions

TCX625HD/TCX640HD Tire Changers

TCX625HD heavy duty tire changer combines compact size with unique mount and demount roller mechanism in order to provide high performance servicing heavy duty truck assemblies.

TCX625HD features:

  • All-in-one controls
  • Tulip-style clamp
  • Bead-breaking rollers
  • Accessories to assist

TCX640HD tire changer is an electro-hydraulic-powered tire changer that combines unique features and capabilities that make heavy-duty servicing faster, easier and more profitable.

TCX640HD offers benefits such as:

  • Tulip system
  • Heavy-duty spindle head
  • Hydraulic-powered carriage
  • Tool head

B400T System

B400T systems test brakes on heavy-duty vehicles.

The B400T increases efficiency of technicians by providing:

  • Graphic brake balance results
  • Results in 60 seconds or less
  • Service brake results
  • Report conclusions
  • Static weight results

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