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Viking Equipment is a premier Balcrank distributor for the Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Western Massachusetts areas.  We are experts in dealership and large auto repair facility lubrication systems.  Our capabilities include oil and lubrication system installations including fresh oil supply and waste collection.  Our team can handle the entire job with equipment sales, service & repair, and full shop installations.

Balcrank Parts

Well-run automotive service departments are always looking to get the most from their Oil & Lubrication Parts.  You need a partner who can supply you with the various Balcrank parts you need to keep your repair shop running smoothly and profitably.  Viking can supply all the replacement parts and make service calls when needed.  We carry hose reels, pumps, oil bars, handles, meters, and oil drains.  Or if you have qualified people we can ship you the parts you need.  Below are some of the most popular items a car dealership service department needs because they take the most wear and tear on a daily basis.

Hose Reels

Balcrank Hose reels for automotive oil and lubrication supply

Visit our Balcrank Hose Reels page for more details on products and models.


Balcrank 1120-013S series pump

Handles & Meters

Balcrank handles and meters

Oil Drains | Waste Fluid & Oil

Balcrank oil drain 4110-024 and anti-freeze drain 4110-025

Contact Information

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