With COVID-19 dominating the news and affecting just about every single decision we make on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that cleanliness and health are at the top of Americans’ priority list. We are focused on wearing masks and gloves, disinfecting surfaces, and maintaining a safe distance from those around us. For dealerships and shops, there’s no better time to remind your customers about the importance of thoroughly sanitizing their vehicles and offering services to help them to stay safe and clean.

It’s not only necessary to thoroughly clean and disinfect vehicles for your customers’ sake, but it’s also in the very best interest of your employees to do so as well. According to one study, over 1/3 of Americans only clean out their vehicles once per year. With so many surfaces being touched, vehicles are a breeding ground for bacteria. In fact, in the average vehicle, there are approximately 700 different strains of bacteria at any given time.

Every time someone takes a trip in their car, they are touching their door handles, steering wheel, turn signal, gears, seatbelt, radio, and more. Your technicians are working on these cars while touching their tools and work surfaces. Bacteria can live on surfaces for hours to days at a time unless the area is properly disinfected. Beyond the steps you’re already taking, Viking Equipment is proud to offer products to help your dealership or shop in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and western Massachusetts stay safe and clean. Here are two products we highly recommend incorporating into your business.

Graco’s SaniSpray HP products will keep your business safe and clean by sanitizing, disinfecting, and deodorizing your work areas. The SaniSpray airless sprayer is the fastest disinfecting application method on the market, leading to a more efficient cleaning regimen with little to no operator fatigue. Graco’s SaniSpray HP products come in a variety of sizes to handle large and small jobs and feature interchangeable tips and adjustable pressure.

The MiST™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit improves the air quality in your customers’ vehicles by removing mold, mildew, and pathogens in the HVAC system and cabin. One of the biggest benefits of this unit is that it can run on any vehicle, regardless of year, make, or model. This inexpensive treatment is solely focused on the health of the driver and passengers in a vehicle and can be offered as an add-on for other services you currently provide.

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