Viking Equipment offers the lowest Hunter pricing for dealerships and shops in CT, RI, and western MA

When purchasing any piece of Hunter Engineering equipment from any supplier or Hunter themselves, there is one very crucial piece of information to know and understand about Hunter pricing. Hunter uses a unique sales system for its products. Hunter uses: 

  • Hunter Sales Reps
  • Hunter Service Reps
  • Hunter Local Distributors 
  • Dealership Programs/OEMs

Every Hunter sale goes through a local distributor or a dealership program. The local Hunter sales representative and local Hunter service representative provide support throughout the sale process and are paid a commission on every piece of equipment sold in their area.

The distributor or dealership program sets the price, coordinates the shipment arrival, and schedules the install. The local Hunter service representative then performs the installation in all cases. It doesn’t matter who you buy from. The same local Hunter service rep will handle the install, training, and service. 

Even if you speak directly to the Hunter Representative, your price and shipment are still being managed by a local Hunter distributor or dealership program.

What does this mean for you when it comes to Hunter pricing? If you have not received a quote on Hunter products from us here at Viking Equipment, you are not getting the best price. We can beat the quote you have been given.

Due to vendor agreements about minimum advertised prices, we are unable to display our Hunter equipment prices online. However, we’ll be more than happy to give you a quote when you contact us at (800) 505 5058 or fill out the form below. We will get back to you quickly with a price and we’ll never hassle you with sales calls.

Viking Equipment promises to offer you: 

  • Lower prices than dealership and national account programs
  • Lower prices than other distributors
  • Financing available for all major equipment brands

In addition to our low prices, we stand behind every piece of equipment we sell and we are experienced automotive facility planners that can expertly help you choose the right equipment for your unique dealership or shop. For more information check out our capabilities page, view our references, and look over our recent projects.

Here at Viking Equipment, we are committed and focused on working on commercial applications for our Hunter Engineering equipment and do not service private car owners or homeowners. Viking Equipment works with car dealerships and automotive service centers throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, and western Massachusetts.


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Request a Quote

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