Water accumulation goes hand-in-hand with how efficient your compressor runs and there are many issues to consider here. To start, if your compressor is running too hot, it will produce more water. This can be attributed to the amount of space that your compressor has, amongst other factors. Sometimes the compressor that you started with might not be the right fit today. If your shop has expanded but you’re using a smaller compressor, it may be overworked.

It’s also worth noting that problems with your compressor’s air lines are far more common than you might think. If you are not draining your storage tank on a regular basis, it could be filling with water. When this happens, it can result in a compressor that runs more than it needs to.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if your air lines might need help:
• Is there adequate ventilation in the compressor space?
• Do you have unrepaired air leaks in the rest of your shop?
• What is the relative humidity around the compressor?

If you’ve identified issues with your air lines, here are the steps you should take:
1. Fix them. The first step is to address the air leaks that you’ve found. If you fail to do so, then you are wasting energy and deteriorating your compressor.
2. Update your drain system. Most people don’t know that installing an automatic tank drain is actually a relatively inexpensive and easy way to make your compressor more efficient. By doing so, you can have a properly working compressor with little effort.
3. Maintain proper ventilation. Make sure that your compressor is always well ventilated. A cool and dry environment of the right size will make a big difference. It will give your compressor the time it needs to rest and will ensure that it takes in less humidity.
4. Install a refrigerated dryer. Implementing a dryer is the most effective way to get rid of any water build-up. Once the air is compressed, it runs through your new refrigerated dryer and gets cooled down. The water then condenses, making it easily drained into a receptacle or a shop’s drain.

If you know your compressor is aging or if it never quite seems to work correctly it may be time for a replacement. Viking Equipment can provide a new compressor system properly sized for your service and repair operation. You can check out or compressor page to see options or request a quote.