Balcrank Hose Reels

Balcrank produces the best hose reels in the business to meet any busy shop’s needs like car dealerships, quick lubes, tire and transmission centers.  Their Signature Series Reels has three main models Classic, Premium, and the popular Evolution Hose reels.  Evolution hose reels are lightweight but extremely durable.  Each Balcrank hose reel series has a low, medium, or high pressure models designed to handle a variety of hose sizes supplying lubricants like oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, anti-freeze, washer fluid, and even air.

Evolution Hose Reels

The Evolution reels have a steel pedestal and arm with dual ball-bearings. Design for performance it’s lightweight yet extremely durable and corrosion-resistant. Each reel features a fully ported shaft and pressure-balanced swivel along with a long-lasting power spring.

Balcrank Evolution Hose Reel - Low PressurePopular Low-Pressure Models | Evolution Hose Reels

Model #:

  • 2140-007 – 30′ x 3/8″ ID hose
  • 2140-008 – 50′ x 3/8″ ID hose
  • 2140-010 – 30′ x 1/2″ ID hose

Classic Hose Reels

The Classic Hose Reel has proven its reliable performance for over a decade. Its solid all-steel design is preferred in automotive dealerships and service garages.

Classic Hose Reel – Medium PressureMedium Pressure Models | Oil

Model #:

  • 2120-011 – 30’ x 1/2” ID hose
  • 2120-012 – 40’ x 1/2” ID hose
  • 2120-013 – 50’ x 1/2” ID hose

Premium Reels

Premium reels were designed specifically to for long life and improved serviceability.  Engineered to reduce weight and to survive the toughest environments they feature a narrow but superior structural design.

Balcrank Premium Hose Reel – High Pressure

Premium Hose Reels | High Pressure for Grease

Model #:

  • 2111-045 – 40’ x 3/8” ID hose 4,000 psi
  • 2111-046 – 50’ x 3/8” ID hose 4,000 psi
  • 2111-042 – 40’ x 1/4” ID hose 5,000 psi
  • 2111-043 – 50’ x 1/4” ID hose 5,000 psi

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