Wheel Balancers

Hunter, Coats, Mondolfo Ferro, Hofmann, Corghi

Best Selling Balancers from top Brands

Are you having problems with:

Stick on weights

Clad wheels 

Truck Wheels 

20-26″ diameters.  

We have the right Wheel Balancer for every budget.

The Lowest prices on Champion Recip Air Compressors:

5hp 2-stage (5V60E) compressors starting at $1795

Champion air compressor for sale in CT
Recip compressors are the most durable, cost effective solution for most shops.  We carry the full line of Champion recip compressors including Value Plus, Centurian,  R series, PL series, and Advantage series compressors.  These compressors can be upgraded with a variety of options including, vibration isolators, Mag starters, Air cooled after coolers, Low oil shut off, automatic tank drains and more! We have the best prices in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Call for a Quote!

Champion Duplex Series:

Auto service shop Champion Evolution Compressors
With a Duplex compressor you get two motors and two pumps on a single tank.  Essentially you have two compressors in one!

Duplex compressors are a unique configuration that can operate one compressor at a time, alternating automatically between the two compressors, or when required, operate together to provide double the air delivered on a single unit. You get the energy savings of running a smaller motor most of the time and still have maximum air availability when you need it.

Duplex compressors are available in 2 x 5hp to 2 x 30hp configurations.

Available in 208, 230 and 460v.

Champion Evolution:

Enclosed Recip compressor

Champion air compressors for sale online
Champion Evolution Compressors provide the advantages of a reciprocating compressor coupled with less noise and vibration. Often quieter than a Rotary Screw. Loaded with rugged features, these compressors deliver high performance and tremendous value. As a result, Evolution compressors offer long, trouble-free service with maximum operating efficiency.

Available in – 5, 7.5, 10 & 15 hp

Champion Hydrovane Compressors:

Quiet yet Durable

Buy Rotary Vane Air Compressors in CT
Hydrovane Compressors are an attractive alternative to Rotary Screw Compressors.  They are just as quiet but have the added benefit of being extremely durable and economical to maintain.  These compressors are available mounted on horizontal or vertical tanks and can be simplex or duplex configurations.  This is a great compressor if you are looking for quiet.


Champion Rotary Screw Compressor:

Champion air compressors for automotive garages
State of the art Rotary Screw compressors for quiet air.


ProAIR Compressed Air Piping System for auto shops in CT
Enamel coated aluminum pipe. Makes for an attractive installation.

Low resistance and non corrosive

sized to your needs.


Refridgerated Dryers:

ProAIR Compressed Air Piping System for auto shops in CT
Refrigerated Dryers will quietly and efficiently remove the water from your air.

Available in High temp and low temp.

We will match a drier to your compressor.

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