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As Champion air compressors distributors, we understand that the most vital piece of equipment to have is a high-quality air compressor. We are Viking Equipment, Connecticut’s automotive air compressor expert. Compressed air is the lifeblood of your service center and without it, your dealership or shop simply can’t run. Your lifts, tire changers, tools, and other equipment will come to a grinding halt without compressed air. We chose to be Champion air compressors distributors because of the quality and variety of their products.

How to Partner with Champion Air Compressors Distributors


Whether you’re shopping for a commercial-grade air compressor, want to design a full air line system for your shop, or need air compressor service, we’re the Champion air compressors distributors to partner with. We’ll work with you to choose the perfect compressor to fit your shop size, the number of service techs, the position of your automotive shop exhaust systems, and other crucial factors.

We also have air compressor parts, including drivers, drains, and mag starters, in stock and available for immediate pickup or delivery. Our compressors are used to clear light debris on surfaces as well as on vehicles being worked on at the Forward lifts. Most of our clients ascertain tire pressure with our compressors before conducting our Hunter alignment process on their vehicles.


Champion air compressor for sale in CT

Champion Reciprocating Compressors are the most durable and cost-effective solution for most shops. Viking carries the full line of Champion reciprocating air compressors including the VP, RV, R series, PL series, and Advantage series. Each of these Champion Air Compressors can be upgraded with options including vibration isolators, mag starters, air-cooled after coolers, low oil shut-off, automatic tank drains and more.

Viking Equipment always guarantees the lowest prices on the automotive equipment you need for your dealership or shop in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and western Massachusetts. Purchase the Champion 5V60E, 5hp, Two-Stage Air Compressor starting at $1,795.


Champion Evolution Compressors

Champion Duplex Compressors feature many benefits from providing double the air to a reduction in energy consumption and cost. The system utilizes two motors, which alternate automatically, to output twice the air from a single unit. Despite the fact that the motors in Champion Duplex Compressors are smaller, you still are able to get the maximum air available whenever needed. Their multi-finned cylinders create cooler temperatures which lead to more consistent product performance with a longer product lifespan. Champion Duplex Compressors are highly efficient and offer a high level of oil control with minimum blow by.

Champion Duplex Compressors are available in horsepower configurations from 2 x 5hp to 2 x 30hp.

Voltages Available: 208, 230 and 460v.


Champion air compressors revolution series

If you’re looking for a high powered machine but a reduction in noise and vibration, Viking Equipment recommends Champion Evolution Compressors. Their dedicated cooling circuits contribute to a longer product life and their unique domed piston design offers maximum efficiency and air delivery to vehicles. Champion Evolution Compressors are full of rugged features but also utilize technology for easy usage and operation. 

Horsepower Available: 5, 7.5, 10 & 15 hp


Buy Rotary Vane Air Compressors in CT

Champion Hydrovane Compressors are not only quieter compared to more expensive compressors on the market, but they are also cost-effective and easy to maintain. Because of their low noise levels, these compressors can be installed right near in your shop or even near your office without distraction. Their simple design and operation can allow for more than 100,000 operating hours. These versatile compressors can be mounted on horizontal or vertical tanks and can be simplex or duplex configurations. One of the biggest advantages of choosing hydrovane compressed air is that the air is clean, dry, and pulse free straight from the outlet, with no receiver required. They are also easy to work on and maintain over the years.


Champion air compressors rotary screw

Champion Rotary Screw Compressors are especially suited for factory applications and offer state-of-the-art quiet air. They can service a large volume of vehicles with the highest pressure air delivery. Champion Rotary Screw Compressors also feature fewer parts than conventional units and offer tremendous energy savings. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a rotary screw air compressor is the importance of regular maintenance. It constantly needs to be fine-tuned to ensure it’s running as efficiently and safely as possible.


ProAIR Compressed Air Piping System for auto shops in CT

Viking Equipment uses enamel-coated aluminum pipes when installing air compression which makes for an attractive installation. Pro-Air aluminum piping is lightweight, durable, and non-corrosive. It’s also easy to change or add on to if you ever need to adjust your equipment or shop design. Viking Equipment can supply and install the correct size piping for your specific air system to fully protect your service area from water and condensation.


Daltec Air systems

Refrigerated dryers are a must for your dealership or shop to eliminate the moisture from compressed air. When water is still in vapor form in the tank, it heads out into the pipes and condenses there. If not dealt with properly, that water can reach your tools and equipment. Ensuring that the air around your equipment is dry will protect your tools from corrosion and help avoid potential safety hazards. Viking Equipment will provide the correct dryer for your air system, which needs to be properly sized to your specific air compressor. Utilizing a refrigerated dryer will quietly and efficiently remove water from the air, and we will expertly install and service the unit for you.

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We can handle the entire air-line system installation for your shop. Viking Equipment’s choice manufacturer is Champion, with over 100 years in the air compression business and affordable prices. Choosing the right Champion air compressors distributors depends on your needs and we are proud to offer a wide variety of models that are sure to grab you.

Do you know what size compressor your shop needs? If you choose an air compressor that’s too small, it will heat up considerably and your equipment will run much less efficiently. If your air compressor is too big, it will not run often enough, and water will gather in your cylinders, rotary screws, and other equipment. Have a view of our previous projects and procure from us as your Champion air compressors distributors. Do not hesitate to contact us.