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Viking can help you select the air compressor that gets you the right amount of air. Champion Air Compressors are in stock, 5-horsepower and up. When it comes to automative garage air systems, Viking can manage the entire project, from design through installation.

Air compressors keep automotive shops running. Different automotive tools all depend on the air supply to get the job done. Whether you’re shopping for a commercial grade air compressor, want to design a full air line system for your shop, or need air compressor service, Viking Equipment is here to help.

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Air compressor add-ons including driers, drains and mag starters are also available. Find the best prices here on Champion Air Compressors.

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Champion Reciprocating Air Compressors:

Champion air compressor for sale in CT

Champion Reciprocating Compressors are the most durable and cost effective solution for most shops. Viking carries the full line of Champion reciprocating compressors including Value Plus, Centurian,  R series, PL series, and Advantage series compressors.  These Champion Air Compressors can be upgraded with options including vibration isolators, mag starters, air-cooled after coolers, low oil shut-off, automatic tank drains and more.

Viking has the lowest prices. Purchase the Champion 5V60E, 5hp, Two-Stage Air Compressor starting at $1,795.

Champion Duplex Air Compressors:

Champion Evolution Compressors

Champion Duplex Compressors include two motors and two pumps on a single tank. They operate one compressor at a time alternating automatically, or when required, use the two motors and pumps together to provide double the air delivered on a single unit. You get the energy savings of running a smaller motor most of the time but still have maximum air availability when you need it.

Duplex compressors are available in horsepower configurations from 2 x 5hp to 2 x 30hp.

Voltages Available: 208, 230 and 460v.

Champion Evolution Air Compressor:

Enclosed Reciprocating Air compressor

Champion air compressors revolution series

Champion Evolution Compressors provide the advantages of a reciprocating compressor coupled with less noise and vibration. Runs as quietly as pricier models. Loaded with rugged features, Evolution series compressors deliver high performance and long, trouble-free service at maximum operating efficiency.

Horsepower Available: 5, 7.5, 10 & 15 hp

Champion Hydrovane Air Compressors:

Quiet yet Durable

Buy Rotary Vane Air Compressors in CT

Champion Hydrovane Compressors are comparably quiet to more expensive compressors and have the added benefit of being extremely durable and economical to maintain.  These compressors are available mounted on horizontal or vertical tanks and can be simplex or duplex configurations.

Champion Rotary Screw Air Compressor:

Champion air compressors rotary screw

Champion Rotary Screw compressors are state-of-the-art for quiet air. Largest volume and highest pressure air delivery, especially suited to factory applications.

ProAIR Air System Piping:

ProAIR Compressed Air Piping System for auto shops in CT

Enamel coated aluminum pipe. Makes for an attractive installation.

Low resistance and non-corrosive.

Viking Equipment can supply and install the correct size piping for your air system.

Refrigerated Dryers:

Refrigerated dryers help eliminate the moisture from compressed air. It is important to dry the air to protect the shop’s tools from corrosion. Viking will provide the correct dryer for your air system, and will install and service the unit.

deltech hydroguard refrigerated air dryer

Refrigerated Dryers will quietly and efficiently remove the water from your air.

Available in High temp and Low temp.

Viking Equipment will match a dryer to your compressor.

Viking Equipment services all major air compressor makes and models.